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EnD up Doing=___ up Doing?

end up doing 以做某事而告终 end doing sth=finish doing sth 结束做某事

If he continues like this,he will__a stone only to have it drop on his own foot,just as the saying goes. 选用end up lifting正确。 简析如下: 句意: 如果他继续如此的话,那就会正如俗语所言,他将最终是搬起石头砸自己的脚。 用法辨析...

end up doing sth与end up with sth并没有太大的区别,只是后面跟的词性不同而已,doing是动词,with 后面跟名词。二者都是“以…而结束;以…告终”的意思。 1、end up with sth以某事结束 Our class ended up with astory . 2、end up doing sth结...

end doing就是结束干某事,等于finish doing end up doing完全不同,是以干某事终结,以干某事作为结果。 比如He was so lazy and ended up being nothing.他这么懒,最后一事无成。

等于end up with sth,意思是以什么事结束。 有doing,就是以(做)什么事结束。

cf:I ended up telling him everything although I tried not to.虽然我不想说,但结果我还是把一切都告诉他了。 If you don't watch the road more carefully, you'll end up having an accident.如果你不更加留神注视着马路,你最后总要出事故的。

end up doing= wind up doing

end up doing Consumers end up bearing this extra cost. 消费者最终承担这笔额外成本。 must play my spare time well, or I end up doing nothing. 我必须善于利用空闲的时间,否则生命将会在无所事事中告终 People want to do better, but t...

这个词很灵活的,没有什么太大的区别,只是with 后是名词,doing是动词而已 end up: 结束,告终 例句与用法: 1. The people who design America's nuclear bombs believe believe they helped win the Cold War. But now that the war is over, m...

前者表示随着某事的结束。例如end up with victory 以胜利结束。 后者表示结束做某事。例如end up drinking coffee不喝咖啡了。 只有名词或者动名词(动词ing形式)才可以埃 小马过河网


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