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BAilEys ThE originAl irish CrEAm是什么?

irish cream 爱尔兰奶油 例句: 1、 It meant a latte with a little shot of Irish cream syrup. 那就是拿铁加一小点爱尔兰奶油汁。 2、 Whisk in semisweet chocolate until smooth. Whisk in Irish cream. 在半甜的巧克力拂直到光滑。在爱尔...


Baileys Irish Cream 百利甜酒 例句: 1. All cream liqueurs are based on an alcoholic base (such as irish whiskey for baileys) married to a dairybase, and most are around 20% alcoholic strength orless. 所有奶油利口酒是根据酒精和奶...

Grenadine, Vodka (or Tequila) Midori, then Baileys on top. Some of the ...1/2 part Baileys irish cream半份百利甜 1 part Midori melon liqueur米道丽...


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