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gored v. (动物) 用角撞伤,用牙刺破( gore的过去式和过去分词 ); [例句]He was gored to death in front of his family. 他在家人眼前被野兽活生生地戳死了。 [其他] 原型: gore 双语例句 柯林斯词典

go red 英[ɡəu red] 美[ɡo rɛd] [词典] “赤化”,成为激进派; [例句]You go red with anger and white with fear. 你生气时会脸红,害怕时会脸色煞白。

go red “赤化”,成为激进派 1. Bulldozer , grab and forth and - go, red Gu Tan is becoming one party to heat up earth! 推土机, 挖掘机穿梭往来, 红谷滩正成为一方热土! 2. If you do go into the red you get charged 30p for each transa...

两者意思都可表示变红 get 更强调时间上的持续 go则强调结果 秋天到了 叶子变红了 放到意境里理解一下 . get go turn+adj. 都是差不多的

go ahead: 开始,前进,领先\r\n\r\nExamples:\r\n1. The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned.\r\n 新桥的修建将按计画进行.\r\n2. `May I start now?' `Yes, go ahead.'\r\n ‘我现在可以开始吗?’‘可以, 开始吧.’\r\n3....

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1. The cat is angry with them. 2. He likes playing the violin. 3. Does he like doing word przzles? 4. Don"t go at the red light. 5. What are you going to do?

意思是:我们不能去闯红灯。 词汇解释: can't 英[kɑ:nt] 美[kænt] v. 不能,不会; [例句]I'm afraid I can't remember the way. 我恐怕不记得路了。 red 英[red] 美[rɛd] adj. 红色的; (脸) 涨红的; 烧红的; 红头发的; n. 红色; 红...



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